SVFD :Officers Portal

Weclome to the Scarsdale Volunter Fire Department Office Portal

This information is restrictied to officers only. To access these pages you will need to be logged into your google account and have already had access granted by the volunteer captian.

The following links are forms to enter data

Uploade documents to repostitory Upload documents so the the membership repository.

Enter Attendance Attendance: These are offical drill that count wards required train hours, and will include career offices.

Enter Medical due date: this si to track when FF next medical is due

Enter shared expenses Enter expenses that should be shared accross all three companies.

Enter Fire Fighter Traing course to be share with memberss Enter Training Annouvements

Enter Fire Fighter Certificatoins Enter Certification

Add FF to roster

Enter New Member This Form is to add a new member to the roster and assing them a badge number

Following links are to display data

SVFD Document repository

FF Roster 

View Medical Due Dates sort by due date 

View Medical Due Dates Sort by FF

View Attendance Summary

View Drill Attendance

View Call out Attendance

View Backfill Attendance

View Event/Supplemental Attendance

View Gear tracking

View Certifcation

View Shared Expenses

Explorer Stuff

Enter New Explorer This Form is to add a new EXPLORERS to the roster and assing them a badge number
Attendance for explorer events